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The pioneering web-based service that uncovers the history of a house, revealing if anyone has passed away at any valid US address.

Whether you're a realtor, homeowner, or prospective buyer in the real estate housing market looking at a house for sale, our DiedInHouse.com House History Report offers invaluable insights. Save time and money by accessing crucial information about homes for sale or properties for sale.

This knowledge can significantly influence your decision to purchase, rent, or even explore a haunted house. Discover the hidden stories behind every home with DiedInHouse.com.

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Each DiedInHouse.com Report Includes:

Deaths that Occured at the Address whether by Murder, Suicide, Accidental or Natural
Meth Activity, including Labs,'Dumpsites' or 'Chemical and Glassware'
Fire Related Incidents Occurring at the Address
Names Associated to the Address
Sex Offender Registry
Property Information

Why Choose DiedInHouse.com for Your Real Estate Decisions?

In most states, the history of a house, including deaths, regardless of the circumstances, is not a required disclosure in the housing market. This means even recent events, like a murder, need not be disclosed by the seller or realtor. But this could make it a stigmatized property that no one wants to buy.

However, such incidents can significantly impact a property's value and its appeal in the homes for sale listings. A home where a violent death occurred might see its value reduced by up to 25% and take 50% longer to sell compared to similar properties for sale.

Wouldn't you prefer to be informed if the house you're interested in has a history of murder, suicide, or any unusual incidents? Before you make a decision on any home or property for sale, it's crucial to be fully informed. With DiedInHouse.com, you’re not just buying or renting a home; you're buying peace of mind. Uncover the complete story behind any property and make informed choices in the real estate market.