Nugget of Knowledge: Buying a haunted house

Sellers don't have to tell you it's haunted, unless...
By: Len Rome
Posted: Oct 31, 2018 07:53 AM EDT
(WYTV) - Does a realtor have to tell you if the house you're interested in buying is haunted?

They have to tell you about problems such as black mold and leaky roofs, but the law is not so clear about spooks in the attic.

What protection does a buyer have?

The real estate blog "Curbed" says troubled houses are called "stigmatized."

There may be nothing wrong with the house itself but something about a house's background could turn away potential buyers. These might be homes where murders, suicides or criminal activity happened.

So what's a "haunted" house?

In one example, New York state declared sellers are under no obligation to speak up when it's time to sell their haunted home, providing they've kept this information private. But if they've spoken about noises and shadowy figures in public, they have to tell the buyer.

One survey found nearly half of home buyers would not buy a house with a reputation for being haunted. For a fee, can reveal any deaths on a property before you commit to it.

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